January 13, 2022

What is enterprise connectivity and why is it important?

In business, being well-connected is extremely important. Digital networks and virtual connections, like interpersonal networks of partnerships and professional relationships, provide a solid foundation for businesses to thrive. All companies require enterprise connectivity, though the scope of connectivity varies from one to the next.

For internal collaboration and external communication, even small businesses require a significant amount of bandwidth. Always-on connectivity gives companies a competitive advantage by allowing employees, customers and remote teams to interact and collaborate at all hours of the day and night.

Businesses are being driven to improve their online services and operations due to the ever-changing landscape of digital technologies. This necessitates the use of reliable enterprise connectivity. A robust network is required for enterprise-grade connectivity. SEACOM Business has an extensive fibre grid and our corporate connectivity solutions are ideal for any business.

The importance of enterprise connectivity

Enterprise connectivity has vastly evolved as a result of cloud computing, web-based applications, e-commerce and remote working. Just a few years ago, businesses could function by simply communicating through phone and emails. For a business to be truly competitive in today's digital world, this is no longer the case. Most businesses require, at the very least, a 100 Mbps line to perform internal operations and to communicate with their customers effectively.

Competition has prompted significant change, particularly in regards to digital infrastructure. Businesses require flexible and resilient networks that can grow, evolve and expand along with the company. Accelerated growth goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation. Online platforms should be used to supply products and services, and the rise of mobile technology has increased the demand for innovative technologies that connect companies with their customers.

Business growth is accompanied by improvement in connectivity

SEACOM Business provides various connectivity solutions for businesses, based on their size and requirements. One thing that all businesses have in common is a need for scalable connectivity, regardless of their size. As business requirements expand and change, networks too must grow and adapt seamlessly.

Machine learning, automation and mobile applications are just a few of the recent technological advancements that are becoming necessary for any business to succeed. All of these technologies necessitate ultrafast, reliable connectivity. This allows companies to better understand their customers and their needs. Providing clients with a world-class digital experience is crucial for brand reputation.

Real-time customer engagement and the ability to rapidly and efficiently answer consumer queries are critical business practices. Customers now expect to be able to contact businesses outside of normal business hours. If a company wants to provide a fully customer-centric service, it must be operational at all times of the day and night.

Having a cutting-edge digital strategy helps businesses innovate and expand. Employee connectivity is improved, which leads to significantly increased efficiency and productivity. A high-speed, reliable network allows teams to collaborate more effectively since they have access to all of the data they require, even if they are working remotely.

Enterprise connectivity ensures mobility, flexibility, affordability and scalability

Any forward-thinking company should have a well-defined digital strategy. It is vital to take advantage of new technologies to be able to connect with clients, customers and employees, and to supply products and services via digital platforms. This necessitates an increase in enhanced connectivity.

Enterprise connectivity is a vital concept to understand for businesses that are looking to grow in the modern era. These solutions will ensure that companies remain competitive and able to meet the demands of consumers and customers. For more information or to get a quote for our enterprise connectivity solutions, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s largest network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including fibre optic networks and subsea cables. We offer a wide range of industry-leading scalable ICT solutions for large companies that operate throughout the region.

SEACOM is privately owned - making it adaptable to the needs of the client. We are the preferred ICT and internet connectivity supplier for African enterprises. We can guarantee fast, reliable and secure internet and networking services at affordable prices.

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