November 09, 2021

Your company will benefit from SEACOM’s new generation of networks

In this digital age, it is paramount that a business fully embraces new technologies and takes advantage of the latest network solutions in order to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. SEACOM Business takes all the guesswork out of the highly technical aspects of information and communication technology (ICT).

Our enterprise clients will fully benefit from the very best in high-speed fibre internet connectivity, SD-WAN and other modern networking solutions, including advanced security against all cyber threats. Our next-generation services ensure that businesses across Kenya get access to high-speed, reliable and modernised networks that offer dynamic capabilities when it comes to remote working, cloud computing and networking.

SEACOM Business offers a new generation of networks

Large businesses often have multiple branches, some of which may be located in other countries. For a big company's ICT and networking solutions to be streamlined and reliable, it is best to have a single, expert provider. Using multiple providers for various internet services can often become unnecessarily complex and unmanageable, especially for a company that is trying to manage multiple branches.

Modern businesses are becoming ever more reliant on cloud-based applications and hosted services, so it is now more crucial than ever for companies to be able to efficiently manage network traffic and to not have to worry about limitations on bandwidth. This ensures that employees are always able to perform their daily tasks and customers are able to access websites and e-commerce platforms at all times.

Another important concern for businesses is network security. Cyber security threats are always evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so it is critical to use the most up-to-date security software and firewalls. These solutions normally require constant monitoring but SEACOM Business's new generation of security services are autonomous and robust. This cuts down on costs as companies won’t have to employ additional staff to monitor the digital processes and upgrades.

Making use of SD-WAN for networking

A software-based wide area network (SD-WAN) is a networking solution that meets all these needs by combining cloud-based services, automated traffic management and network security into one offering for large companies. SD-WAN has a number of benefits that make it the best solution for business networking.

It allows for complete and automated network management and control from a central location and enables a company to optimize bandwidth use, cut expenses, take advantage of cloud-based services and enjoy improved network security. With our modern SD-WAN and networking solutions, an outage on a single branch connection will not affect an entire business’s functionality.

This is due to the SD-WAN software's usage of dynamic routing, which automatically redirects traffic over the remaining connections. SD-WAN identifies and addresses any network issues automatically which allows a business to continue serving its customers and generate revenue. It is also able to connect to cloud-based servers and programmes over any connection, including MPLS, fibre, 4G and LTE. This improves network flexibility and increases reliability.

Plans for future growth

It is essential for a company to employ connectivity services and solutions that improve its overall performance and success rate. To ensure that your company continues to grow and thrive in an ever-evolving digital market, SEACOM Business offers future-proof networking solutions that are fully scalable, secure, flexible and reliable. For more information about these services and more, email us at or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s largest network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including fibre optic networks and subsea cables. We offer a wide range of industry-leading scalable ICT solutions for large companies that operate throughout the region.

SEACOM is privately owned - making it adaptable to the needs of the client. We are the preferred ICT and internet connectivity supplier for African enterprises. We can guarantee fast, reliable and secure internet and networking services at affordable prices.

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