October 01, 2021

Is your business network under attack? We provide on-demand DDoS Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are one of the most serious threats to IT networks, particularly those belonging to large businesses like banks, e-commerce sites and online entertainment services. Such attacks can be highly sophisticated and devastating to a company if implemented successfully. If your IT network is under a DDoS attack, call us now for assistance on +254 20 513 3170.

DDoS attacks involve creating unusually high traffic on websites and networks, resulting in system crashes and the disruption to a company's ability to conduct business. They are relatively inexpensive to launch but they can have crippling financial consequences for large businesses and organisations.

Since the company servers are overwhelmed by fake traffic or other types of malware, regular users are blocked from accessing the company’s website or online store. Hackers do this to shut down digital platforms and to disrupt digital services that large companies provide. For the mitigation of these forms of cyber threats, SEACOM’s DDoS Protect solution is vital.

Understanding DDoS

During a DDoS attack, cyber criminals submit a large number of requests to an IP address using malware or bots. The network then becomes overwhelmed by the influx of traffic and eventually crashes. It's impossible for the network to identify which users are legitimate and which are bots without DDoS Protect.

Attacks are generally launched from a single source but it has become more common for attacks to be more complex, coming from multiple locations and at irregular intervals. This makes it even more difficult to differentiate malicious users from genuine ones.

The disruption of services caused by DDoS attacks can be mitigated by SEACOM’s DDoS Protect. This software automatically detects sudden or unexpected spikes in traffic and redirects suspicious traffic through a filter, or DDoS Guard, to determine which users are genuine and which are malicious. Authentic users are returned to the server and can continue to interact with the website or app without interruption.

Selecting the best kind of DDoS protection

The level of DDoS protection necessary is determined by several factors. Enterprises must assess the size of their networks, with larger ones requiring a higher level of protection to ensure service reliability. On-demand and continuous protection are both available but continuous protection is recommended for businesses that engage with clients 24/7.

Basic DDoS protection is designed for low-risk, medium-sized businesses and provides reporting as an attack occurs. The report can be used to respond to an attack by a company's IT team.

Reporting and the mitigation of threats through an automated filtering system are included in higher levels of protection. The use of a hybrid strategy for DDoS protection is recommended for large-scale businesses. Attacks are detected, mitigated and reported using a hybrid approach that incorporates cloud-based and computer-based protection.

When appropriate DDoS protection is used, targeted attacks can be averted, saving businesses the heavy costs of system crashes and blocked digital services. For more information or to get a quote for our DDoS Protection solutions, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

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