March 08, 2023

SEACOM's cyber security services for enterprises

IT security needs to be a top priority for every company, especially those that store confidential information and highly valuable data. Kenyan enterprises need to implement detailed cyber security strategies and make use of various tools available to them.

In order to be proactive about IT security, rather than passively waiting for something bad to happen, an effective cyber security strategy involves protecting your company from both internal and external threats.

Investing in cyber security is a continuous process. A company's cyber protection needs to be maintained and updated constantly. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, so it is essential to regularly update the hardware and software that provide advanced protection.

Enterprises need to be proactive

To combat cyber threats, business leaders and information security teams must be proactive. This involves actively researching security solutions and finding the right service providers that can offer comprehensive and cutting-edge security products.

It's important to choose the right cyber security services for your needs and objectives from the wide range of available options. A written cyber security policy that details employee responsibilities, including passwords, emails, cloud storage, downloads, acceptable use and more, is also essential for every large company.

What employees are permitted to do online should be made clear in the policy and best practices should be provided step-by-step. It should also include a list of prohibited activities that, if an employee engages in them, will subject them to disciplinary action or termination.

SEACOM Business cyber security services for enterprises

SEACOM Business offers several security services to large companies and organisations in East Africa. They consist of the following:

1. SASE and zero-trust security - A modern method of securing the workforce is secure access service edge (SASE). It provides protection that follows the user regardless of their location. It is a cloud-based architecture that securely connects users, systems and devices to applications anywhere in the world. It improves the user experience, delivery of cloud applications, and security posture of the company.

SASE adopts a zero-trust approach to network security, which is based on constant validation and authentication of users. Before any digital interaction takes place, users are required to authenticate themselves either via two-factor or multi-factor authentication. It is designed to protect digital environments by limiting access to verified users only.

2. SIEM - Secure information and event management systems (SIEM) improves organisational efficiency and day-to-day cyber security. It offers advanced threat detection and provides visibility across the entire network. SIEM gives enterprises insight into what is happening on their networks, both in the cloud and on-premise.

3. DDoS Protect - Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly popular. Our DDoS Protect solution is a fully managed, automated offering that is continuously backed by global threat intelligence. We provide real-time prevention, mitigation, and reporting for on-premise, in-cloud, or hybrid environments. It safeguards enterprise networks and servers from system overloads, hacks and takedown attempts.

4. Hosted security - This advanced solution for threat management is delivered through a next-generation firewall and uses cloud-based technology. It allows for effortless cloud security and is based on our award-winning UTM platform. Enterprises can opt for a hosted device or for managed security services.

Choose SEACOM for cyber security

SEACOM is dedicated to assisting enterprises in safeguarding their data and maintaining the functionality of their systems. By regularly updating your systems, keeping an eye out for unusual activity and responding quickly if something goes wrong, we are committed to helping you prevent a variety of threats from unfolding.

Additionally, our experts can offer guidance on how to best protect yourself against cyber attacks including ransomware, phishing scams, DDoS attacks and data breaches. From initial consultation and implementation to maintenance and upgrades for your business or organisation, SEACOM Business has a team of professionals who can handle all your cyber security needs. For more information or to get a quote for our security services, email us at or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s largest network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including fibre optic networks and subsea cables. We offer a wide range of industry-leading scalable ICT solutions for large companies that operate throughout the region.

SEACOM is privately owned - making it adaptable to the needs of the client. We are the preferred ICT and internet connectivity supplier for African enterprises. We can guarantee fast, reliable and secure internet and networking services at affordable prices.

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