September 20, 2021

SEACOM provides automatic detection and prevention of DDoS attacks

Hackers may perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to flood servers or networks with information. This causes systems to crash, which may be extremely costly to a company in terms of lost productivity and revenue. A DDoS attack prevents legitimate users from accessing a company's website or network. If your IT network is under a DDoS attack, call us now for assistance on +254 20 513 3170.

SEACOM Business provides major businesses in Kenya with a variety of networking technologies and security solutions. Our DDoS Protect solutions allow a company's network and servers to function at peak performance, while being completely protected from these sophisticated cyber attacks.

Benefits of the automatic detection and prevention of DDoS attacks

Enterprises that rely on networks, applications and e-commerce websites, or those that process large amounts of data, should seriously consider DDoS Protect. These services provide automatic detection and prevention of these sophisticated cyber attacks.

The software that controls the network traffic will identify any unusual spikes in data flow and reroute it through a DDoS guard, which separates legitimate users from harmful or malicious traffic. This reduces costs for a business as it automatically enables 24/7 protection against network overloads and crashes and does not require additional staff to oversee and supervise its functioning.

These solutions can be set up on-site or transferred to our cloud-based platform. They provide complete security against targeted DDoS attacks, ensuring that a company's networks and servers are always up and running. For more information or to get a quote for these solutions, email us at or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s largest network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including fibre optic networks and subsea cables. We offer a wide range of industry-leading scalable ICT solutions for large companies that operate throughout the region.

SEACOM is privately owned - making it adaptable to the needs of the client. We are the preferred ICT and internet connectivity supplier for African enterprises. We can guarantee fast, reliable and secure internet and networking services at affordable prices.

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