December 09, 2022

How AI can improve cyber resilience

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses become more cyber resilient. Companies that use AI are able to respond to attacks roughly 30% faster than those who do not. Your company could achieve greater levels of efficiency, automation and cyber protection by leveraging technologies that use machine learning and advanced data analytics.

Companies can improve cyber resilience by combining AI and data science expertise into their processes. The use of AI in cyber security is beneficial as it speeds up threat detection and responses and combs through massive data sets to identify issues that can be investigated and fixed.

This is a critical component of cyber resilience. Security tools can automatically respond to any breaches, alert the necessary teams and quarantine the compromised areas of the network using company-specific algorithms.

Reducing the response time to cyber threats with AI

Through AI and machine learning, analysis takes place in real-time and at high speed. A deep contextual understanding of security issues is made possible by AI for security analysts: How did the incident start? What effects did it have? What could have been done to prevent it?

By utilising AI, security teams can minimise false positives and preemptively identify new and unknown security threats. Thousands of events per day can be analysed and filtered by intelligent systems like security information and event management (SIEM).

Large enterprises generate massive volumes of data from both internal sources and external users, including customers. IT teams have more control and understanding of what is occurring on the corporate network because of their ability to screen all of these events and data.

Staying ahead of threat actors

AI is a powerful double-edged sword that can be used both to initiate and defend against a cyber attack. Threats are being launched by cybercriminals who are getting better at using AI. Deepfake technology and social engineering techniques leverage AI to infiltrate networks, targeting specific users or devices.

For business networks and their digital assets, compromised credentials, phishing emails and account hacking continue to present a serious risk. By implementing more intelligent access and authentication controls, companies can use AI to enhance their cyber resilience.

Data-driven behavioural assessments scan networks to ensure the authentication of legitimate users, ensuring that the right people have access at the right time. AI-enabled security systems make sure that any irregularities in user behaviour are identified and prioritised in terms of the potential for damage.

Strengthening your IT team with AI

AI-driven technologies fill a gap in the cyber security industry, which is suffering from a shortage of skilled professionals. Teams working on cyber security must act quickly when faced with security threats in the current climate. Using AI and machine learning can help businesses with small internal tech teams make up for a talent and skills shortage.

Automating simple cyber security tasks is made possible. This allows IT teams to focus on teaching and customising the AI-driven systems. The security software thereby becomes more aligned to a particular business' needs and digital infrastructure.

Businesses must defend against continually emerging cyber security threats in order to improve cyber resilience. This entails quick problem detection and resolution, minimising the cost of data breaches and minimising system downtime.

It also entails leveraging machine capabilities powered by AI to respond more effectively. For more information or to get a quote for our cyber security solutions, email us at or leave us a message.

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