January 11, 2022

Connect your office with SEACOM’s wireless internet access

SEACOM Business’s wireless internet access ensures that our corporate customers can connect to our rapidly expanding digital network, even in areas that are not yet fibre ready. Wireless internet access connects users using last-mile microwave technology. This means that the final leg of the network is delivered to users via radio frequencies transmitted from SEACOM’s access points.

The infrastructure of fibre optic cables is not yet available in all areas, so wireless internet access is the perfect solution for businesses that are not yet on the fibre grid. Microwave wireless technology involves the exchange of data using radio signals.

Data can be transmitted up to a 50-kilometer radius from access points. This wide coverage area means that businesses located in remote or rural areas can still experience high-speed connections via a hybrid network of both fibre and wireless internet.

Our enterprise-grade wireless internet is uncapped and unshaped. This means that there is no bandwidth limit and the internet connection is constant, reliable and high-speed at all times. Users experience a consistent internet speed throughout the day with wireless internet access.

As businesses scale-up their digital transformation, there is an increasing demand for rapid, high-speed, low-latency communication. Enhancement to wireless network technology ensures speed and security. SEACOM Business’s wireless internet access offers businesses an excellent alternative to wired services. For more information or to get a quote for our wireless internet access, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s largest network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including fibre optic networks and subsea cables. We offer a wide range of industry-leading scalable ICT solutions for large companies that operate throughout the region.

SEACOM is privately owned - making it adaptable to the needs of the client. We are the preferred ICT and internet connectivity supplier for African enterprises. We can guarantee fast, reliable and secure internet and networking services at affordable prices.

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